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How can Sing-On help you?

Do you feel that you lack confidence in front of an audience, big or small?
Do you believe you are “tone-deaf”?
Do you need to prepare a song for a wedding, event or studio?
Are you preparing for Eistedfods?
Are you working on your own album? 
Do you want to learn how to sing correctly? 
Is your child preparing for a school concert?
Do you find that you run out of breath when you sing?

Whatever your vocal requirements are, Sing-On can help you achieve that!

One on One Training

Each student has different vocal requirements and learning speeds which makes one-on-one training more specialized and effective, perfectly tailored for the individual.   

Vocal training includes:

Vocal interpretation of a song
Learning to sing different styles and genres
Microphone technique
How to perform on stage 

Professional Recording

Once a song is completed in training and “stage ready”, it is recommended that the student has it first, professionally recorded at “DaStudio”, an affiliate of Sing-On, at an extremely cost effective a rate.

You keep the recording as proof of progress and build a demo album. It is a step towards your vocal achievement to have this experience. It also inspires tremendous confidence in your abilities.

Dave Abbot is fantastic with children and of course adults too! His work is top quality.

Please visit his page on 



Stage Performance

Sing-On aims to hold showcases 3 times a year to have students sing in front of an audience of friends and family. This will give students the platform to showcase and experience what they have been trained on. With this, students can now experience what it feels like to perform with confidence, knowing that they are well prepared.


Marisa was raised in a musical family. Both her parents were professional musicians who performed in shows with old time South African artists such as Gene Rockwell, Tommy Oliver, Al Debbo, Ken Mullan and Barbara Ray. Due to that inspiration, Marisa has been a singer and performer since the age of 6 years old. Marisa has always been interested in the finer details and desired to understand how singers sing the way they do. She has learnt the basics through to advanced techniques, by experience and self-study as well as through training of which one trainer was an opera singer and vocal coach.
Marisa continued performing and singing at any given opportunity until she was discovered by a duo band who groomed her further to sing professionally since 2008. She later on started with a four-piece harmony band “Smile”. The band leader of Smile, motivated her to start her own singing school which she opened in September 2009.

"Everything that Marisa has learnt, and was trained on in the last 30 + years, has been condensed and created into her own training program which speeds up training. It has assisted students with proven, fast, effective and everlasting results."


Sing-On boasts results of such students who have been accepted to International and local art schools due to their outstanding vocal abilities. Students who participated in Eistedfods achieved silver to gold certificates as well as diplomas. Three tone-deaf students have been rehabilitated up to approximately 80 to 90%. A few students have found their path to performing professionally and another who has completed an International album.  

The result

Here's what some of our students have done.



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